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preventing injuries: at home, at play, and on the way.
Dear Advocate:

Safe Kids Worldwide is pleased to invite you to join our Online Speaker's Bureau (OSB) to help eradicate preventable heatstroke deaths and injuries to children. Someone in your community considers you an expert on the topic and recognizes your skills as a spokesperson. We have created an OSB to build an army of educated, enthusiastic and media savvy professionals.

Safe Kids Worldwide is mobilizing its 400 coalitions with tens of thousands of volunteers, partners, sponsors and media outlets;
however we also need experts and professionals that do not have Safe Kids representation within their region.

Since 1998, more than 660 children have died of heat stroke when they were unattended in vehicles.
On average, 38 children die in one of three ways every year:
  • They were left unknowingly in vehicles when the driver became distracted at the destination and forgot there was a child in the vehicle
  • The driver knowingly left the child in the vehicle as they ran an errand
  • The driver left the vehicle unlocked or the key fob in reach and a child or children climbed into the vehicle to play unattended
Safe Kids Worldwide, Never Leave Your Child Alone In a Car Campaign (NLYCA) makes it easy to educate parents and
caregivers in your community by providing you with the necessary messaging and tools.

Please join our Online Speaker’s Bureau so you can be the voice of children in your community and have access to our resources..
Should a local or state incident such as a near miss or fatality occur we want to ensure that your community is well informed.
We would like to see you as that “go to” person and will equip you with those resources.
The online resources (tip sheet, poster, press release, print ad, radio scripts) can be customized with your organization logo.

As part of our team, we ask that you use the NLYCA messaging and reference either your local and/or State Safe Kids Coalition or Safe Kids Worldwide in your interviews and with collateral materials.

Thank you for your time and anticipated interest.