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Thank you for registering as a spokesperson for the Safe Kids Worldwide Never Leave Your Child Alone In a Car (NLYCA) Campaign. You were recruited to become a local voice within your state and/or community because someone has recognized your expertise on the topic. We are seeking credible spokespeople to help heighten the awareness surrounding heatstroke.

This Online Speaker’s Bureau will make it easy to notify you when an incidence occurs and you are called upon by the Safe Kids Communication Department and/or the media. We want to ensure you are well-equipped with the latest resources and feel comfortable with the resources provided. This grassroots is not limited to those affiliated with Safe Kids and our goal is to offer this opportunity to all communites.

Safe Kids Buckle Up would like to share our expectations before you make your decision to become a Safe Kids volunteer spokesperson. Due to a majority of the heatstroke incidences and fatalities becoming breaking news in the late afternoon and on weekends, we would need you to be available to work with the media during non-work hours in some cases. If you could share this responsibility with another person, then please provide them the information to register to become a spokesperson. Both of you can volunteer together and collaborate on this project.

We are looking for someone who has:
  • Experience with the media
  • Local media contacts
  • A comfort level with delivering the NLYCA provided key messaging
  • Acknowledge Safe Kids Worldwide and/or local and state coalition in coordinating these efforts
  • Report online on the media hits that you received and include the links under the “Follow Up” tab, so we can chart the impact of raising public awareness through the media.
Once you agree to serve as the spokesperson, your information will be added to our database so you can be quickly contacted in the event there is an incident in your state, region or community. You will be kept up-to-date about special events or activities that could help you promote the Never Leave Your Child Alone In a Car messaging. You will select a user name and password to access the website resources whenever you need them. The resources provided can be used to launch a proactive public awareness activity to a rapid response event. The following are resources that will be available at your fingertips:
  • Poster
  • Tip Sheet
  • Radio Scripts
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Guide
  • Talking Points
  • Near Miss Tracking
  • Fact Sheet
  • Sample Speaker's Remarks
  • Badge of Courage Program Guide
  • Parent Advocate Stories
  • Mock Demostration Step by Step Guide
  • Rapid Response Tool Kit
  • Links to Other Online Resources
It is essential to know which media outlets that you work within your community. We ask that you identify the media outlets in your state, region and/or community so our Communication Department can contact them directly, to provide necessary resources and provide your contact information when an event occurs.

Through our collaboration with Golden Gate Weather, the experts do not believe every death due to heatstroke has been captured. There is reason to believe the total national fatality number could be higher than they have cited. In our efforts to help fill this reporting gap, we have incorporated a direct link for you to contact Jan Null at Golden Gate Weather, under the “Follow Up” tab, so you can email him directly if you hear of an incidence in your community.

Our goal for 2015 is to bulid partnerships to raise public awareness surrounding children unattended in cars.
Thank you for joining our team and hopefully we don’t have to activate the Rapid Response system this coming year.